StairLift V70

IIschia is the stairlift suitable for straight staircases, with an unique technology wich ensures full comfort and safety.

Adaptable and elegant

The Ischia stairlift is designed and constructed to adapt perfectly to your

staircase: this makes it easy to install and minimises installation procedures.



The joystick placed on the armrest ensures the control of the course in a functional, simple and direct way; the folding seat opens and closes easily, and the radio controls allow to manage the stairlift calling it to the desired floor.


Minimum size

Decidedly flexible and truly compact for every room, the Ischia seat is also available with a folding guide to aid installation even in confined spaces; in addition, for customers with the most sophisticated needs, it features the revolutionary sliding guide, that provides motorised side travel on the staircase.

Safe and Comfortable

The new Ischia seat is the result of extensive ergonomic design, thanks to Vimec’s

30 years of experience in the field of stairlifts. The controls are integrated with the

emergency stop button; in addition, on the body there are shockproof and crushproof

sensors that cause the device to stop immediately when there is an obstacle on the

staircase. All of this is completed with a safety belt featuring an automatic belt winder.

As regards riding comfort, Ischia has no equal: the seat and backrest cushions, that

are washable, are padded to ensure the greatest riding comfort; in addition, thanks

to the full seat rotation, landing on the floor is easy and comfortable.


A Turn radius (min ÷ max) 730 ÷ 760 mm

B Backrest to wall distance (min ÷ max) 60 ÷ 70 mm

C Seat depth 415 mm 415 mm

D Dimension with footrest up (min ÷ max) 320 ÷ 330 mm

E Dimension with footrest down (min ÷ max) 607 ÷ 617 mm

F Outside distance between armrests (min ÷ max) 600 ÷ 660 mm

G Inside distance between armrests (min ÷ max) 427 ÷ 487 mm

H Backrest height 423 mm

I Footplate to seat height (min ÷ max) 410 ÷ 510 mm

J Minimum footplate height from the ground 50 mm

Track overall size on staircase (min ÷ max) 190 ÷ 200 mm

Track min. dimension of parking area on top floor 150 mm

Minimum width of staircase 750 -780 mm

Maximum gradient 50°

Working load 120 kg

Speed 7 m/min

Battery power supply voltage 24 V cc

Mains power supply voltage 240 V

Power supply unit absorption on mains 1 [A]

Consumption 0,4 kW


  • The arm joystick gives simple, direct control of travel
  • The swivel seat makes getting on and off easy
  • The remote control calls the stairlift to the level

             required starting and stopping are smooth

  • ISCHIA has several sensors ensuring that it stops in the

            event of hazards (such as objects on the stairs)

  • Adjustment of armrest width and seat height

Technical Specifications