D8 2000 kg Chain hoist

The BODY is made in die cast aluminum to be as light as possible
without sacrifying resistance and load capacity.

GEAR BOX is manufactured with a thicker aluminum wall, comparing
to the rest of the body, to respond to the very stringent mechanical

The CHAIN-BAG BRACKET allows the hoist to be used body up or down.
The design ensures the bag is positioned correctly to accept chain without
the need for any adjustment, reducing the chance of chain spills.

FLUID BATH. The dynamic fluid lubricant used for the gearbox, reduces
friction and surface wear. As a direct result, noise level, reliability and
durability are maximized while maintenance is minimized. This special
type of dynamic fluid is high pressure resistant and keep its volume and
lubrication capabilities up to 180 ° C temperature,
CLIMBING OR STANDARD SUSPENSION WITH SWIVEL HOOK. Hang it any way you want. It will still work as should saving you time.

THE 5 mm GUIDE PLATE is made in steel to prevent breaking the chain
guide if the chain jams. Its construction ensures chain loading is tangle-
free and trouble-free.
THE DC (105 VOLTS) BRAKES LOCK OFF, in 0.1 of a second and able to sustain
up to 4000 lock/unlock cycles in an hour. This “progressive time lock off”
action is less wearing to their inner components than a AC (220 Volts) one.
IRON FREE BRAKE SHOES can not oxidizes preventing the disks to stick
together while brake disk is made in stainless steel rust-free.

VERY LOW OPERATIONAL NOISE, with just 67.5 dBA the EXE is about 30%
more silent than other leading brand. Now you can do take the quiet jobs.

model2000 kg
Lifting speed

4m/min @ 50Hz


3 ph Δ 230 VAC Y 400 VAC

25 VAC 50 Hz 
Load wheel      5 pockets 7x22mm
Limit switch2 conditions
Control voltLVC
Operating volt@ 50Hz: 1.0 kW
Revolution per minute1400
DC brake system1
Protection class67.5 db @ full load
Falls of chain2
Body weight2.0 kg
Lower swivel hook
Chain size1.03 kg/m
Chain safety factor1:5
Grade of steel
Chain bag size36 m





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Technical Specifications