Platform lift s08

The Silver platform lift is the ideal solutions for assuring the


  • Private premises (banks, restaurants, shops, offices...)
  • Public buildings (schools, institutes,...)
  • Homes and residential buildings

Easy installation and safety in operation make the Silver an ideal system for freedom of access to buildings of all types, assuring wheelchair users, independent personal mobility.

 Quick installation

Adapts perfectly to all functional and aesthetic needs.

Silver does not require a pit of any kind; the installation can be customized to the existing structures

Easy and safety to use

Thanks to its electric lock, the gate is automatically opened when the platform reaches the top. The on-board and floor control panels are equipped with keys and can be used easily.

Excellent Construction

As an option, Silver’s outstanding features include a stainless steel structure, design with attention to every detail and state-of-the-art active and passive safety features, as well of course as the wellproven Vimec mechanical drive system.

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Standard equipment

  • Machine bodywork and floor gate in powder coated steel RAL 7040
  • Constant pressure controls both on the lift and at the floors
  • Emergency stop on board
  • Controls on lift with removable key
  • 24 V/DC auxiliary circuit
  • Electric locks
  • Safety gear with safety nut
  • Triangle key operated door opening
  • Anti-shearing bellows guard

Silver is available with two travel distances:

  • 800 mm
  • 1.000 mm.


Technical Specifications