Manual Winch M1000

The most powerful and economical winch for any gymnasium.

With this workhorse, being budget-conscious doesn’t mean you have to compromise your winch’s

capacity for getting the heavy jobs done. Since 1952, our same fundamental design has been raising

and lowering backstops in gyms without fail. Today, our M1000 Manual Winch is cast, built, and tested

to meet the needs of your gym for the next fifty years. The materials are stronger. The grooved drum is

larger. The life of the cable is extended. And the 1,000 lb. load is greater. But the reliability and

consistency remain the same.

  • Heavy-duty capacity for 1,000 pound/453.51 kilogram loads
  • Lightweight unit weighs only 19 pounds/8.6 Kilograms
  • Ample, oversized flanges prevent the cable from
  • climbing drum ends
  • Efficient 40:1 worm gear ratio
  • Precision thrust bearings provide smooth operation under load
  • Maintenance-free gear case that offers a lifetime of lifting without the hassle
  • Unit mounts out of the way and safely above players
  • and spectators in your gym
  • Engineered, designed, and built with integrally cast
  • components for high-strength and durability
  • Cable is routed close to the wall to reduce stress to
  • the winch mounts during use
  • Proven design that has over 50 years of experience in gymnasiums
  • To ensure a long and safe cable life, a large 4-inch grooved drum prevents bunching and kinking.
  • For even greater convenience, the custom manufactured ¾” square socket can be used in an electric drill. The unique, square socket still secures the winch from unauthorized use.
  • The standard hand crank offers ease and convenience, with the added security of a unique ¾” square socket to prohibit unauthorized use with a standard socket or wrench.

Technical Specifications