Platform lift s08-STEPPY

The Steppy vertical platform is extremely versatile; it is available in three different versions according to the travel height and its design, meets all customer requirements, with its variety of platform dimensions.

Steppy is the ideal solutions for assuring the ACCESSIBILITY of:

  • Private premises (banks, restaurants, shops, offices...)
  • Public buildings (schools, institutes,...)
  • Homes and residential buildings


Steppy can be installed either in pre-existing openings or in its own shafts, it is also suitable for outdoor as all the components are water proof.

Easy and safety to use

The user’s safety is guaranteed by all the latest active and passive safety systems, including: safety gear, self-levelling system, emergency descent mechanism, and anti-blackout device. Attention has also been paid to every safety-enhancing detail, such as the platform floor that is made by non-slip embossed natural aluminium.

Design and technical features

the Steppy platform lift’s technical and stylish features, make it a favourite among the best Italian installation engineers with hydraulic mechanics, metal or grey polycarbonate enclosure, to improve

the design and the aesthetics of the lift. Vimec has designed a control on board and a landing radio control which makes the Steppy the functional leader in the market place.

Standard equipment

  • Door and enclosures in grey RAL 7040
  • Hydraulic power unit
  • Constant pressure controls, on the lift and at each floors
  • Emergency stop on board
  • Controls at floor and on lift with removable key
  • 24 V/DC auxiliary circuit
  • Electrical locks
  • Automatic overspeed safety valve
  • Manual descent function for use in the event of blackout
  • Automatic levelling at floor
  • Key operated exterior door opening


The Steppy platform lift provides unbeatable versatility:

  • 3 versions
  • 22 different platform sizes
  • travel distance up to 2 metres

Technical Specifications